25% of Danes are tax dodgers

tax       2003-04-20 
The Rockwell Foundation's latest report concludes that one in four Danes has earned what the locals term "black money," i.e. undeclared income, within the last year. The survey, based on a broad cross-section of the population, suggests that Danes under 40 are the greatest sinners. Amongst teenagers aged 18 19, one in two have worked illicitly, compared to one in three aged 20 - 29.
Age is no barrier, however, to "making a bit on the side". It seems that amongst 50 59-year-olds, the figure is one in five, and one in ten for the 60 - 69 year olds.
35 per cent of the illegal work was carried out in the home, or through cleaning or car repairs.
Rockwell has estimated the value of lost tax revenues at around DKK 15 billion (2 billion euros) per year, which corresponds to an average of 5000 kroner per head, from cradle to grave. If the untaxed income were to be measured in terms of legitimate income, it would amount to DKK 25 - 28 billion (3.3 3.7 billion euros).