Britain to get its own 'FBI'

freedom       2004-02-09 
A new FBI-type agency announced by the British government Monday is set to counter growing concern about organized crime, fraud, money laundering and trafficking in drugs, and illegal immigrants at a time when British borders are expected to come under new challenge from 10 new countries joining the European Union.

Coincidental to the announcement, police in Liverpool said they arrested five people for the manslaughter of 19 apparently illegal Chinese immigrants who were drowned on Friday when a fast-rising tide overwhelmed them as they collected shellfish from mud flats at Morecambe, in Lancashire. Police are searching for the gang masters and are reported to believe Chinese Triad gangs are behind the illegal importation and exploitation of thousands of Chinese.

Some 70 percent of illegal immigrants are estimated to enter the EU with the help of organized crime groups, with an estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants entering the EU every year.