Conforte in exile - Cat house Don living the good life in Brazil

PT       2004-06-01 
The Mustang Ranch founder who fled Nevada to avoid paying back taxes is living the good life in Brazil.

It is another warm day in Rio de Janeiro. The sun is shining and a cross breeze gently blows through a penthouse on the 21st floor of a luxury high-rise that is home to one of Nevada’s most notorious figures, the father of legalized prostitution in Nevada and former Mustang Ranch Brothel owner Joe Conforte.

Now 78 years old, he still looks much the same as he did when he left the country 13 years ago to avoid paying millions in back taxes. His hair is inky black. He goes everywhere with his signature Cuban cigar and he still takes charge of all those around him.

“I have a good life,” he says in his low gravelly voice veiled in the accent of his native Sicily. “I want people back home to know that I still have a very good life. I miss some of the people, some of my friends.