Ghost, Part I

freedom       2002-06-27 
I have seen a preview of Hell.
They call it "Receiving", at Cook County Jail.
Imagine 110 men, exhausted from a night spent in the just above freezing holding cells of the Grand and Central Police Station. From there we are packed like cattle into three paddy wagons basically sitting on top of each other. Several are junkies undergoing severe dope sickness vomiting every few minutes. One of them explosively shits on himself. The man next to him, disgusted, elbows him hard in the jaw and knocks him mercifully unconscious. Another man is just climbing down into the desperate pit of the DT's...shivering violently, crying, shoved into a corner as the cuffs that connect him to his neighbor bite into his wrist hard enough to draw blood.
And we haven't even arrived in the true Inferno yet. This is just the first circle.