Careful before you click - that online gossip might land you with the sack

privacy       2002-10-13 
If your company personnel officer looks at you strangely the next time you pass in the office corridor, it might be with good reason. He or she may already have read the explicit message you posted the other day to an internet chat-room.
New research reveals that the trend towards 'Big Brother' oversight of Britain's office communications has become almost unstoppable. Two in three employers now say they monitor website access and incoming email messages. Up to two million workers may currently have their emails secretly monitored by bosses. Trevor Luxton, a 22-year-old clerk at Credit Lyonnais in the City of London, faces dismissal from his job as a result of boasting to friends about a sexual incident through an office email two weeks ago. His case is not isolated. One in four firms told researchers that they would sack an employee for breaching their internet policies.