Baron of MacDonald title is yours for £1m

PT       2002-12-29 
THE ancient Barony of MacDonald on the Isle of Skye has been put up for sale with a record price tag of £1m.
The buyer will be able to call themselves Baron of MacDonald and apply to Scotlandís Lord Lyon King of Arms for a personal coat of arms. A baronís wife can use the courtesy title Lady MacDonald.
The highest price paid to date for a baronial title is £250,000 for the feudal Earldom of Arran, which comes with several thousand acres.
But the name MacDonald is one of the most recognisable, famous and ancient names in Scottish history.
The title, with its roots in the 800-year-old Lordship of the Isles, is being sold with the ruins of the MacDonald stronghold Knock Castle and four acres of land by Skye land-owner Sir Iain Noble.
Noble hopes to use money from the sale for local job-creation projects on the island, including a new distillery.